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Want To Grow Your Brand Exposure?

If your brand is not selling on social media, then chances are your competitors already are. You definitely do not want this to happen. Did you know that at least 40% of all brands utilize social media for eCommerce? 85% of those product sales come from Facebook. Instagram produces the next highest order value at $65 per order for the average shopper. 

Can you see why brands are utilizing social media platforms for their eCommerce business? Social media provides you the opportunity to capture a targeted shopper who will share their experience with other people that they know. 

Social Media Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, We Manage Your Accounts For You.

Setting Goals

We have to know where your social media following currently stands before we can get you to your goal. You first need to decide how many products you want to sell, what your budget is for social media ads, the amount of traffic you want sent to your website, how much growth you are wanting our team to produce for you. If your just not sure what to expect, our team can help you set achievable goals based on your target audience, budget, products, and overall brand. 


Strategy Development

Based on your goals, we will develop an social media strategy that will help you achieve them. During this strategy we create your target customer and figure out the pain points and issues your products have a solution for. We then create a plan with both social media eCommerce management and social media ad campaigns. Your success is dependent on valuable content, customer engagement, and targeted advertising. 

Effective Content & Ads

With your goals now set, data about your target audience, and the following you’ve created, we can now leverage that by giving the people what they want – shareable content! Visual appealing posts are the key to having customers share your content. Engaging call to actions on your ads let your customer know exactly what you want them to do. Being successful on social media is all about providing content that your followers connect with. This type of content will build trust with your audience and guarantees loyalty to your brand and products.

Audience Targeting

Through highly targeted ads and A/B split testing, we understand the ads that will attract more customers and lead to more conversions. Once we’ve connected with that sweet spot in your social media campaign, then your conversions will being rising and cost per customer goes down which makes you a happy business owner. 

Conversion Tracking & Optimization

Social media eCommerce ads provide incredible data that allows us to see customer value and ad spend down to the penny. Additional conversion tracking can tell us exactly how much each customer spends with you and exactly how much you spend to get them there. This is your customer acquisition cost, which we keep as minimum as possible while increasing the number of sales you receive. This data can tell us what shoppers want, we then optimize the ads for this, whether it means changing the content, call to action, or audience. 

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