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If your eCommerce business is still brand new, your brands products can still be ahead of everybody on search results. Wondering how?

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Store Very Fast?

The main benefit of having eCommerce PPC is the ability to reach targeted shoppers who are already searching for what your selling. eCommerce shopping ads are nothing like other digital ads where you pay for your ad to be shoved in someones newsfeed, radio, or TV screen. You’re only paying for your products to be seen by customers already searching for that product. 

eCommerce shopping ads allow your products to be placed above all other organic search results fast. Did you know that 75% of users never even scroll past the first page? 64% of users click on sponsored ads before they ever reach organic search results. Due to this reason, PPC advertising will drive immediate traffic to your eCommerce store. Our PPC strategies allow you reach shoppers who are already wanting to buy. Our marketing team will continually optimize your ads for maximum visibility, traffic, and conversion rate. 

PPC Advertising Can Be Expensive. The Good News Is, We Optimize Every Campaign For High ROI.


The reason our eCommerce shopping ads convert so highly is due to our research. Not only do we find the highest performing keywords, but we also filter out any negative keywords that will hurt your ad campaign and cost you precious money. 



As we create each ad, we use a tiered keyword strategy that allows us assign greater portions of your budget to the high converting keywords. This strategy allows for ad clicks and product purchases. We also connect your products to each shopping ad through Google Merchant Center so you can rest assure that your ads run accurately with your inventory. 


Our eCommerce shopping ads come along with continuous management of every ad. During this process, we conduct A/B testing on different ad copies to ensure we are optimizing your click through rates.  


Continually optimizing your shopping ads is crucial so that you are never undercut by your competitors. As we make each optimization to your eCommerce PPC ads, we provide you with an update every step of the way with tracking reports.

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