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Constantly stay engaged with your customers through product emails that tell them about your new sales, product launches, and more.

How Can Email Marketing Grow Your eCommerce Business?


With email marketing it allows us to drive more sales on a consistent basis. We are able to do this by creating emails that are informative and encourages a purchase instead of being pushy salesy. The key to engaging with customers is by fueling their curiosity. Hearing the information from your first grows their trust in your brand. Everyone buys more from a brand that they trust. 

We are also able to deepen connections with every single shopper. The first email that is sent out is never enough to convert a customer. It takes nurturing through follow up emails to build that trust. These deep connections are the key in converting a potential customer to a buying customer. 

Email Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, We Manage It All For You.


Determine Your Goals

Having a successful email marketing campaign starts with a goal and builds every email around that goal. We start by figuring out the goals you want to accomplish through an email marketing campaign. As we figure out your goals, we then construct an email marketing campaign that will help you reach those goals.

Build Up Your List

It is impossible to start an eCommerce email marketing campaign without having an email list to send out to. To help grow your email list, we create lead magnets that have engaging call to actions to encourage leads to sign up to your list. 

Plan Of Action

We then set up a email marketing software on your eCommerce website. This allows us to create emails such as welcome, newsletter, promotional, abandoned carts, and so much more. Depending on your goals, you can choose to have one or all of these emails in your email campaign.  


Segment & Send

As we learn more about every customer’s behavior, interest, shopping history, we organize them into different lists for higher conversions. This creates long term subscribers because they can relate to the information that they are receiving. Once your list is segmented, we will begin sending emails to every customer. 

Tracking & Optimization

As every email is sent out, we track the delivery rates as well as open rates to see how every customer responds. We then make changes to improve your conversion rate. We also are able to track which emails are having click throughs and conversions. The emails with the best conversion rates will provide us with what your customers are wanting to see. 

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